~ Patient Centric: Devotion to Improving Health & Relieving Your Pain

About Advanced Acupuncture Clinic

Based in Chicago, Illinois, established by Dr. Lin Chen,   Advanced Acupuncture Clinic is a well-organized health service provider adopting natural and holistic methods based on a wide range of  practices in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).   Our mission is to help you achieve and maintain optimum health through  full components of traditional Chinese medicine, primarily acupuncture,  and other adjunctive elements, such as Chinese herbs,  electro-acupuncture,  acupressure,  moxibustion, cupping, Tui Na (Chinese massage), and nutrition counseling.   

At Advanced Acupuncture Clinic, the classic traditional Chinese medical  diagnosis and treatment are combined with modern research and  development to give our patients the best treatment available.  All of our practitioners are devoted to improving health and wellness and  strive to provide individualized, whole-person treatments in a  comfortable, professional setting.  

Often patients with the most difficult problems are referred to Dr. Lin Chen, because of her experience and reputation in treating patients with a wide array of conditions.  Dr. Chen and the staff have a genuine concern for your well-being.   

While each system of medicine has its own areas of efficiency and  excellence, TCM can be effective when other medical approach has failed. Especially, TCM excels in those areas in which conventional medicine  usually comes up short such as chronic diseases, pain control and stress reduction.   At the same time, receiving TCM treatments can also  increase the benefits of other medical measures, such as reducing  chronic pain caused by cancer or severe side effects from chemotherapy.   

In a word, any properly diagnosed patient who went through other  treatments that have not worked, or are less effective and even have  more side effects and any patient feeling sick or abnormal when  conventional diagnostic techniques show "normal" and no conventional  treatment is available... If your doctor tells you it is something you have to live with, you may find our TCM practitioners to help you.